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What Is the Smell in Las Vegas Casinos?

If you’ve been to the Strip, you’ve probably noticed that there’s a distinct smell in the air. While it’s not the same smell as sticky drinks or menthol, it’s certainly distinguishable. The scent of a casino is more like cologne than a smell of desperation. The reason behind this unusual smell may surprise you. Read on to discover the different types of smells you’ll encounter in Las Vegas casinos.

Besides influencing the way people feel in a casino, there are also other ways that scent can influence your decision to gamble in a particular casino. The scent of a casino’s casino room can help you feel more comfortable and encourage you to stay longer. According to a study by a Chicago neurologist, people who walked into a casino that smelled good spent 45 percent more money than those who walked into a casino without any scents.

If you’d like to smell the casino as well, you can find a variety of aromas for sale at Aroma Retail. The shop specializes in gaming and retail aroma systems. The scents of Las Vegas casinos are available in room sprays, candles, and even diffusers. You can select the scent that you prefer from the dropdown menu and purchase it. The candles are hand-poured and would make the perfect gift. Reed Diffusers are refillable and feature a cork or reed. Room sprays can make any room smell just like a casino.

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