What Does a Male Fertility Doctor Do?

A male fertility doctor can perform several tests to determine if sperm counts are normal or if there are problems with the testicles and/or prostate. Sperm count can vary significantly from one specimen to another. In some cases, a female partner may also be tested. Testicles are examined with a lubricated wand, which helps the doctor to see if they are normal. The doctor can also check for blockages in the tubes that carry semen Rarbgweb.

The male fertility doctor’s profession is a highly-specialized field. In addition to treating men, he also helps women who are planning to get pregnant. Besides resolving any problems, a male fertility doctor also helps couples who are considering a home birth. If you are interested in getting pregnant, it is crucial to find a doctor who has a track record for success with fertility treatments Muctau.

The doctor will also ask about the habits and medications you are taking. This will help him determine if your habits and medical history are affecting your chances of conceiving. For instance, he will want to know if you are taking any anabolic steroids or testosterone products. You should be aware that anabolic steroids are generally not permitted for use during pregnancy, but they can affect fertility Newshunttimes.

If you are looking for a male fertility doctor, consider Dr. Paul Turek, an award-winning urologist and leading pioneer in male infertility treatments He has been recognized as one of the best male fertility doctors in the USA and is an active member of numerous professional organizations. His innovative methods and advanced technology make his clinic stand out among male fertility doctors

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